The Scottish Government has announced the various protection levels to be enforced across Scotland’s local authority areas as part of its COVID-19 Strategic Framework, allowing for events to take place in some regions of the country.

The confirmation of local authority levels means that events can take place in various guises in any local authority area which has been placed in either level one or two. For areas in level two, these events are restricted to drive-in events only while in level one some outdoor and indoor events, including stadia, are permitted with restricted numbers.

You can view information on the updated Strategic Framework and the announcement in relation to local authority levels on our Coronavirus Guidance page.

Scotland’s Event Industry Advisory Group, comprising representatives from across Scotland’s events and festivals sector, has been in regular and close consultation with the Scottish Government in relation to a route map for the return of events. The group is continuing to consult with the Scottish Government as to how the framework and local authority levels will impact the events sector.

Key issues being highlighted include clarity on restricted number for specific events and clarity on areas moving into levels zero, one or two in order to give event organisers time to prepare for the resumption or upscaling of events in those areas.

Our events and festivals sector has been amongst the hardest hit during the pandemic with the majority having been unable to operate since restrictions were brought into place in March.

It is pleasing to note that the Scottish Government’s Strategic Framework allows for live events to take place in Tiers zero and one, with drive-in events permitted in Tier two which helps provide some clarity on a route map for the return of the sector.

With some local authority areas now being placed in level one, this allows for the return of events in those areas, albeit there is some further clarity required as to restricted numbers. The Event Industry Advisory Group has engaged collaboratively with the Scottish Government throughout to support the safe return of events and through the group we will seek to gain further clarity for event organisers across Scotland to develop a clear route map across the country.

Paul Bush OBE, Director of Events