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Our new website is packed with news, views, thought-provoking features and interviews with the movers and shakers from the Scottish events industry. Whether you are starting off in the industry or leading one of our business events or festivals organisations we will tell your story here. We aim to reflect the growing diversity of the industry and the multiplicity of the venues and suppliers involved representing your interests at home and abroad.

We hope that you enjoy the refreshed EVENTSBASE website and EVENTSBASE newsletter and find our new EVENTSBASE Showcase and EVENTSBASE Yearbook useful. Please read on and do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything.


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If you are looking to source a venue or supplier, agency or convention bureau head straight to the EVENTSBASE Showcase and discover Scotland’s finest venues, suppliers and services.

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Linking to our news website and mailed to your desk every Friday lunchtime, the EVENTSBASE Newsletter is the must read news source for Scotland’s business events and festivals sectors.

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Eventsbase Yearbook

The EVENTSBASE Yearbook is published annually and is rich in unique content that tells the story behind Scotland’s £3.5b events industry – through the eyes of the professionals behind it.

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