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Featuring news, analysis, the odd bit of comment from guest writers and columnists plus practical guidance and information, the service is designed to help #eventprofs in Scotland keep in touch with all the latest industry developments from Scotland, the UK and overseas. As well as celebrating achievements we want to encourage healthy debate – so please join in! Mailed to over 5,000 desks every Friday afternoon the EVENTSBASE Newsletter is the must read news source for Scotland’s business events and festivals sectors. 

You can publish your PR news release or announcement on the EVENTSBASE website and in the newsletter. These are designed to support the launch of new products and services, or similar news such as success in Awards. Your article will be branded under Announcements in the newsletter and published on the website. The package includes an image and headline in the newsletter linking to the online article (an image, headline and unlimited text).

Each Newsletter has a Lead Sponsor with a Banner situated at the top of the page, and a Category Sponsor with a Banner situated further down the page. 

Sponsorship packages run across one month (4 issues) or a three month period (13 issues). The three month package includes a 12-month EVENTSBASE Showcase listing. 

All rates are exclusive of VAT

Announcement Newsletter 1 Issue/ Website 1 week Newsletter 1 Issue/ Website 1 Month
Announcement in newsletter and online £49 £149
Newsletter Sponsorship 1 Month 3 Months (includes EVENTSBASE Showcase listing)
Lead Sponsor £450 £1200
Category Sponsor £350 £1000

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