Baptiste Boulard (CEO and Co-Founder, Swapcard) will host the first keynote session at ETL USA & Canada next month. 

Among much more, Boulard’s The Future of Events promises to show how communities will be built and engaged online this year and into the future. The session runs from 9:00am to 9:45am Central Standard Time (3:00pm to 3:45pm BST) 

The Swapcard system was designed to bridge the data gathering and experience gap between online and physical events, which left it perfectly positioned to provide for the myriad companies pushing to pivot in the face of the pandemic. Swapcard’s platform is preparing for a future of 365-day communities. 

Baptiste Boulard says: “We predict that 80 per cent of year-round interactions will take place online in a virtual community platform, where networking, content consumption, lead generation and marketing all mix in a personalized experience for each user. Then, at the annual hybrid experience, the community comes together and experiences an even more special gathering after spending the year engaging.” 

Adam Parry (Co-founderEvent Tech Live) adds: “In such a fast-moving sector a show like ETL depends on quality of content along with its partners and partnerships. 

“We go back several years in our relationship with Swapcard and it’s a great pleasure to see Baptiste Boulard in the opening session spotlight as we break new ground launching Event Tech Live USA & Canada this summer.” 

Set to Central Standard Time, six hours behind GMT, the fully virtual Event Tech Live US & Canada runs from June 8 to 10. Details here

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