Scottish events company launches series of global hackathons to tackle homelessness – starting in Edinburgh

A Scottish events company is organising a series of global hackathons to tackle homelessness.

Gallus Events, which is based in Barcelona, is hosting its first event this year in Edinburgh in March, and then Dundee in October.

The aim of the three-day events is to bring people together from all disciplines – including tech – to make a ‘life-changing difference to people in cities across the globe’.

William Thomson, Gallus MD, said: The lack of a safe and secure home is a issue for millions of people across the globe. Homelessness is a global crisis. A practical event has the potential to help. Hackathons have a proven track record of positively impacting the community they serve. A Homeless Hackathon packs a big enough punch to design and develop practical
solutions to preventing homelessness by helping the organisations already tackling the issues. Hackathons will leave long lasting legacies in the communities that host each event.”

There are six broad objectives that the events are trying to realise: supporting organisations helping those experiencing homelessness; creating new jobs as a route out of homelessness; raising the profile of homelessness; building a community; creating an environment for new ideas and approaches; and breaking down barriers.

Thomson added: “The Edinburgh and the Dundee Homeless Hackathons will be a spark for innovative solutions to help reduce homelessness and rough sleeping and to aid those in the homeless community. The Hackathon will bring together 100 people from across the IT and digital community, creative industries and local and national government, as well as the charity sector.”

Events are also planned for Montreal in June, Barcelona in July and London in November. For information visit:

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