Award winning 21CC Fireworks are bringing their dazzling firework displays to Errol Showground and Airfields in Perthshire this November.  The 21CC team are today launching their Fireworks Drive-In programme and will be delivering three shows on one evening, each one choreographed to a thrilling soundtrack which will be relayed through your own car radio.

With three themes to choose from, there is something for everyone on Saturday 7th November.  The first show is Kids Movie Magic and promises soaring music and a spellbinding fireworks display.  The Greatest Showman rolls up next featuring a breath-taking display set to some of best songs from the movie and your favourite party tracks of the last few years.  The final display of the night will transport you to Ibiza with an iconic Ibiza Classics playlist.

Geoff Crow, Director of 21CC Group says ‘With the loss of all the public authority Guy Fawkes fireworks displays, there is now a real requirement for organised professional displays to take place this year.  Our ongoing discussions with Scottish Fire & Rescue echo these thoughts; we have worked hard with the emergency authorities in Scotland to encourage public to attend official displays, and our drive-in series offers a safe and professionally managed option for the public to attend all whilst in a Covid-safe environment; this in turn will reduce pressure on the emergency services during the Guy Fawkes season.’

The 21CC team typically light up 60 events nationwide at Guy Fawkes, including the major shows at Perth, Dundee and Glasgow.


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