Festival UK* 2022 today (9 Sep) has announced that applications are open for a unique and pioneering, £3 million funded R&D opportunity.

Bringing people together in new and astounding ways, Festival UK* 2022 will be ten open, original, optimistic, large-scale and extraordinary acts of public engagement that will showcase the UK’s creativity and innovation to the world.

In this first R&D phase, the search is on for the greatest minds and brightest talents drawn from the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics to form Creative Teams capable of developing major public engagement projects.

Up to 30 teams, each receiving up to £100,000, will be selected to participate in the R&D programme to originate compelling, ambitious and extraordinary ideas for projects that have the potential to reach millions of people.

Paul Bush OBE, Director of Events said:
“This is a unique opportunity for our finest creative minds to inspire the population with original, open and optimistic visions of the world we live in and the creative feats we can achieve.

“The festival offers a chance to think about the future and how we come together in it to make life better, and the investment comes at a critical time for those across a range of sectors.”

Up to 10 teams, selected from the 30 teams participating in the R&D project, will be shortlisted to have their idea taken into full commission and be part of the Festival UK* 2022 public project.

Four major commissions will each be led by Creative Teams from Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Six will be driven by Creative Teams from across the UK. All ten will be global in reach. All will be open, original and optimistic.

EventScotland, part of VisitScotland’s Events Directorate is the Strategic Delivery Body for Festival UK* 2022 in Scotland.

Full details of the R&D Opportunity, Application Process and Guidelines can be found at www.festival2022.uk. The deadline for applications is 16 October 2020 at 3pm.