Two of UK’s most recognised events industry speakers to appear at What’s Trending in Events at Dynamic Earth


Two leading UK events industry figures are set to appear at this year’s What’s Trending in Events conference in Edinburgh.

Kim Myhre, Managing Director of MCI Experience, will make a return visit to the capital on December 12 after delivering a keynote in 2018.

He will be joined by Alistair Turner, Managing Director of Eight PR & Marketing, for the popular event trends showcase at Dynamic Earth, which is now in its second year.

Both speakers will focus on the growing importance of the ‘virtual experience’ in events marketing.

Turner says: “In 2007, Harvard University coined the term ‘Experience Economy’ in a wide-reaching trend study. It presented a sound economic argument for the rise of experience, not only as a marketing and sales medium, but a new global consumer behaviour. The report predicted that the Experience Economy would emerge from 2010-20; it was proved correct.

“We’re now coming to the end of this trend, so what is to follow now? In a world which is seeing technological integration dominating every aspect of life, we now see it emerging as the dominant force in the experience economy. This is more than just new technologies supplementing a maturing industry, but the creating of an entirely new industry which sees digital and experience merge. Welcome to the Virtual Experience Economy.”

Judith Wilson, What’s Trending in Events Director, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Kim back to Edinburgh. With his background of experience marketing innovation at MCI, his talk will resonate with events planners looking to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry.

“I’m also delighted to welcome Ali Turner, who is a brilliant speaker and one of the event industry’s top talents. As Past President of the International Live Events Association (UK) he is a regular speaker on events, experience and their place in the wider marketing mix.”

She added: “I would urge anyone looking to get ahead of the curve for 2020 to sign up for What’s Trending and take advantage of our early bird discount.”