On Wednesday evening event industry professionals gathered outside the Scottish Parliament Building and Our Dynamic Earth as part of the #WeMakeEvents Global Day of Action which ran across 25 countries.

WME is an international movement created to highlight the support needed by the live events sector to survive the Covid-19 crises, and in Scotland the WME Demo was organised by the Scotland Regional Lead, John Diamond and led by Miriam Wolanski.

The organisation was originally launched by PLASA in April and now includes over 21 industry bodies and associations and engenders a spirit of mutual support and solidarity across the industry.

Over 200 eventprofs from across all sectors; technicians, crew, artists, further and higher education institutions, venues and many others affected by the shutdown of events joined together to build awareness of the events sector, many of whom have had no work since March and little likelihood of any in the foreseeable future. The campaign has 5 key strands which are being presented to regional and national government and the media.

  1. Grants not loans.
  2. A Government backed Covid-19 Insurance Scheme to ensure that if there are local lockdown organisers will recover costs and attendees will receive refunds.
  3. Government support for a widespread Covid-19 testing for event attendees to give confidence to attendees and organisers that the event is safe and compliant.
  4. An extension to the reduced cultural VAT rate on events tickets.
  5. A job support scheme until we have a viable return to work.


You can register your support here