Global association of the exhibition industry, UFI has released a new report on the status of sustainability in the exhibition industry, including results from surveys conducted by UFI research partner Explori. 

For 86% of exhibitors and 87% of visitors, travelling to an exhibition helps save time, while for 84% of exhibitors and 83% of visitors it helps save money. For 67% of exhibitors and 64% of visitors, travelling to an exhibition, where they can do multiple things under one roof and avoid separate flights to other locations, helps to reduce their carbon footprint.   

The majority consider the environmental impact of the tradeshow sector to be important to them, and they believe that improving this environmental impact will become increasingly more important to the sector’s long-term success.   

Across all segments (organisers, venues and service providers) there is a feeling that the rate of transition towards sustainability is around halfway between ‘only starting the transition’ and ‘very advanced.’ In general, exhibition participants also rate the efforts of the industry, in terms of sustainability, as ‘average.’    

Kai Hattendorf (Managing Director & CEO, UFI) said: “This report is unprecedented in its analysis of the views of the industry and its clients as to the key issue of sustainability in our industry. We will use these findings in many of our current projects aiming to further improve the performance of exhibitions as sustainable ways of doing business.”    

To download the full report, click here. 

Source: Exhibition News