The event industry is undergoing massive disruption and change due to the Covid-19 pandemic – with virtually all live events cancelled and a significant investment by brands in digital events and experiences.

In this moment of seismic change comes the public unveiling of the Experiential Marketing Measurement Coalition (EMMC). Two years in the making, the EMMC is an affiliation of event marketing companies and professionals dedicated to promoting better measurement practices across the industry.

“There were two factors impacting this public launch of the EMMC,” says founder and chairman Dax Callner, Strategy Director at Smyle. “With the industry pause comes a moment to rethink everything – how can we return to live events with new ways of working to make them better for everyone involved? And also, what we’re experiencing with virtual events is the flood of data that comes from digital. That’s requiring some event people to get a lot more data-savvy.”

In addition to Smyle, other agencies involved in the EMMC include InVision, ImpactXM, RedPeg Marketing, DRP and many others (visit for a complete list of participating companies).

With this public launch, the EMMC will be welcoming for the first time individual members and corporate brands. Benefits to membership includes access to global benchmark data against key shared metrics, a certification process in conjunction with the UK Centre for Events Management at Leeds Beckett University, in which event marketers can validate the credibility of their measurement approaches, and a public platform to promote better measurement of experiential marketing efforts.

This association of normally competing companies has coalesced because members believe that better measurement practices will enable the experiential marketing industry to come back stronger and smarter than ever before.

Membership is now open for agencies who are interested in joining the EMMC. For more information visit or contact Dax Callner,