With the storybook theme came a range of possibilities… We brainstormed ideas from ‘James and the Giant Peach’ to ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Eventually, we decided on ‘The Secret Garden’ for the main course and a distinctive monster in the woods for the dessert table… 

The creativity of the events industry shines at the E Awards and we were determined to make a lasting impression. Our Head Chef Kelvin proposed a plant-based Main Course, catering to various dietary needs and ensuring our guests can relax and savour the evening with an eco-friendly touch. Sustainability is a core value at Saltire House, driving us to adopt greener practices in our daily operations, including our herb and vegetable gardens, fleet of electric vehicles, and solar panels. 

Our team’s passion for using locally sourced- seasonal ingredients was a big influencing factor in the E Awards Bespoke Menu. In the days leading up to the awards, Head Chef Kelvin even went out foraging for wild garlic and wild Tricoccum leeks.

The dish was crafted in a way that each guest had their own individual secret garden, with a puy lentil and salt-baked beetroot soil, topped with smoky chargrilled courgette and freshly picked Scottish asparagus, with the foraged wild garlic and wild Tricoccum leeks. Topped with shoots Spring Micro Salad and a drizzle of Wild garlic oil. Our goal was to create a dish that is both refreshing and satisfying, highlighting the natural flavours of the Scottish ingredients.

In the ever-evolving events industry, thinking outside the box has never been out of style. We knew the main course would contrast with the traditional steak, mashed potatoes and vegetables but we were determined to challenge the status quo and showcase the boundless creativity of a plant-based approach.

Beyond what was on the plate, we also chose a sustainable approach for the physical menu by printing them on seed paper. This allows our guests to take the menus home, plant them, and create their very own secret garden! 

To finish, we prepared a large dessert table, perfect for networking after the awards. We nostalgically chose a notorious book about a certain monster in the woods with purple prickles all over his back, sharp teeth and glowing yellow eyes, as a book that our staff all loved and that we knew our guests would instantly recognise! With a little help from Saltire Patisserie at Katies Cakes, we created a beautiful dessert table showcasing the walk through the forest. We even printed out pages of the book on sugar paper to hang above the table, giving literal meaning to the phrase turning pages’. We were thrilled with the result.

The making of the E Awards menu was a story we’re glad we could be a part of. To start planning your next event speak to our team on 0131 333 0131 or atsales@saltirehospitality.co.uk