The Association of Black Event professionals to launch in response to Black In The Boardroom report

Black In The Boardroom- an extension of ZooXYZ, led by Nadu Placca- have analysed 15 UK event trade associations and bodies to examine diversity within these organisations.  

The report found that there are no black board members, despite 9 of the 15 organisations publishing statements last year acknowledging Black Lives Matter. 

The report states that ‘as of today, there are no Black professionals in senior, board or leadership positions in any reputable trade bodies and associations within the UK event industry. Furthermore, there is no apparent strategy of implementation provided by any of the organisations in place for change.’  

The report continues: ‘Diversity always adds value, reflects the societies we live in and enables new perspectives. This brings new opportunities and healthy growth for a strong industry that has economic growth and celebrates cultures to enhance life quality. The time is NOW, there is a huge potential and interest for positive change within the UK event industry.’ 


The BEEHive is a unique mentorship and educational programme designed around enabling Black Event Experience. The six-month programme is divided into two stages: a Level 3 AQA accreditation in Event Management and a work placement with one of The Zoo XYZ’s partnered organisations. BEE participants also have the opportunity to travel around the world as part of the XChange programme.  

The Association of Black Event Professionals 

The Zoo XYZ will finalise the establishment of The Association of Black Event Professionals (ABEP) by the end of 2021. The association will help the UK Event Industry support the careers of Black event professionals within the industry. ABEP will empower the UK event industry’s bid towards DEI by providing a collective of Black Professionals with a range of industry experience.  

They currently have 250 interested parties for this membership initiative. If you would like to join this mission Zoo XYZ are looking for the following levels of support: 

  • Black Event Professionals – from all levels of experience, across all event industries and services 
  • Partner organisations – allies to the community  
  • Support from other Event trade bodies and associations – help them help you 
  • Funding – help raise funds to support this niche community 

Dean Carby (Elite Vendors Network) commented: “The work that The Zoo XYZ has done here is phenomenal and very much necessary to address as our industry reopens slowly but surely after the year of restrictions and closures that we have had.  

It feels as if it could be a new beginning and this is the kind of work that is important to bring about a new day of change in the UK events industry. I have been in the events industry for over 15 years and although I was aware of the lack of diversity in some areas of the industry I wasn’t aware of it to this extent. What Nadu and her team have highlighted here is that there really does need to be a review of the top-level UK events so that it can be readjusted to reflect a modern Britain.  

It is about time that Black people and women stop getting the crumbs and bare bones of the events industry and we see more diversity in decision making and top-level supplier positions.” 

Bami Kuteyi (Kuteyi Consulting LTD) added: “Black in the Boardroom Starts with awareness, now we have brought this to your attention it’s time to make the progressive long-term change.  

This is exactly why we have partnered up with The Zoo XYZ on their BEEHive programme to bring effective, high-quality, and efficient diverse recruitment strategies to the forefront of the events industry.  

We are truly committed to do whatever it takes to drive results forward so that we no longer have to see 0% Blacks in the Boardroom. We want the industry to reflect the diverse beautiful world that we live. So let’s get buzzing…” 

The full report is available to download here. 

Source: Black In The Boardroom  


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