This week the First Minister outlined further updates to Scotland’s COVID-19 Strategic Framework which includes information on numbers for stadia and events.

The announcement sets out how and when the Scottish Government plans to further lift the current coronavirus restrictions over the forthcoming weeks and months, with indicative dates, capacity figures and conditions being shared, allowing for the return of some live events.

From 26 April, drive-in events will have the opportunity to resume, and from 17 May some outdoor and indoor events will be able to take place (all conditional on supportive data). In addition, there will be further work to develop a process and guidance for events with proposed numbers above the standard limits.

Paul Bush OBE, Director of Events, said: “Today’s announcement provides some much-needed clarity and progress for the events sector on indicative dates, capacity and the types of conditions that are required in order for live events to safely resume in the months ahead.

“Whilst there are still significant unknowns, particularly around the impact of vaccines on transmissibility, and the ongoing impact of vaccines on new variants – the framework update helps set out a road-map and enables the sector the opportunity to plan.

“There is still further work to be done over the forthcoming weeks and months to expand on the guidance, and we will continue to work with Ministers, the Scottish Government and the Event Industry Advisory Group in order to advance the positive steps towards recovery.”


Timetable for easing restrictions

We expect to move through the levels on the following dates:

  • 26 April: mainland Scotland and islands at Level 4 are expected to move to Level 3. Islands at Level 3 will remain there until 17 May
  • 17 May: all of Scotland will move to Level 2
  • June (early): all of Scotland will move to Level 1
  • June (late): all of Scotland will move to Level 0