Scotland secures World Energy Council’s Energy Trilemma Summit and 2022 Executive Assembly

For the first time, Scotland will host the World Energy Council’s Energy Trilemma Summit and 2022 Executive Assembly. The events take place on 12 and 13 October at Aberdeen’s P&J Live. 

The World Energy Council’s Energy Trilemma Summit and 2022 Executive Assembly, which is themed ‘Transformational solutions in turbulent times’, will be attended by representatives from the world’s energy community who will discuss practical actions to accelerate clean and just energy transitions in all global regions, with special attention to transformational solutions that address the energy trilemma of security, affordability, and environmental sustainability. 

These two notable events bring together the World Energy Council’s leadership and expert community from nearly 100 countries. The event is part of the countdown to the Council’s centenary anniversary celebrating its remarkable 100-year track record of listening, learning and leading in energy since 1923, and the first World Power Conference in 1924 when Kilmarnock entrepreneur Daniel Nicol Dunlop founded the world’s first, permanent energy organisation that could transcend national politics. 

The Executive Assembly, the Council’s annual governance meeting that brings together the World Energy Community, will take place on 12 October 2022. The following day, 13 October, the invitation-only Energy Trilemma Summit, themed ‘Transformational solutions in turbulent times’, will explore the new global context of energy security and affordability, and the implications for trade-offs and transformational solutions. 

Commenting on the event, Neil Brownlee, Head of Business Events at VisitScotland said: “Scotland is a world-leader in developing and implementing renewable energy sources and has a thriving community of experts and organisations dedicated to this work. Bringing this prestigious event to Scotland is a prime example of our Policy Driven Model being used as a vehicle to showcase and champion our sectoral strengths, delivering government policy and our commitment to creating a sustainable future. Events such as this are an opportunity for experts to share knowledge and to shape the future of not only the energy sector but all sectors. I look forward to welcoming the World Energy Council to Scotland.” 

Steven Daun, Head of Sales – Associations, P&J Live, said: “We are delighted to be welcoming the World Energy Council to our venue in the city of Aberdeen – a pivotal meeting of the world’s energy leaders as they consider critical issues and explore best practices in energy. It seems only fitting to secure this summit within Aberdeen; a city transitioning toward a greener energy age. P&J Live is glad to work together for a brighter future and support the city’s ambitious plans of becoming a global leader as we make this energy transition. The venue itself carries a BREEAM rating of ‘excellent’ making it the most sustainable venue of its kind in the UK.” 

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