In an unprecedented year, more people than ever are working remotely, planning online events, and live streaming. The role of event technology in events management has expanded.

This has led One World Rental to offer clients some much needed Virtual Consultancy. At a time when many firms are quickly becoming ‘experts’ we’ve found that our clients were experiencing information overload.

Leading event software platform partnerships have enabled us to offer each client an independent look at the top branded software can help pave the way with tech support and user-friendly guidance, whether it’s their first Virtual Experience or their fiftieth.

The Speaker Care Kit: 3 presentation essentials.

One of the products that online events has inspired is the One World Rental ‘Speaker Care Kit’. Our event technicians carefully create, pack and deliver these to presenters looking to polish their performance with audio-visual essentials.

The kit includes a web cam, for flexible recording and high-quality output, an LED ring light (supplemental lighting is a must for an appealing presentation,) and an external microphone that offers clean, clear sound. We also include a One World Rental power bank (for a little power to add to your performance.)

The One World Rental Studio at our new HQ

We’ve also recently enhanced our studio in our global HQ with 4D and HD camera equipment set up, a digital mixer and technical control desk, bespoke lighting, audio, and a set backdrop that can be fully customised.

This fit for purpose studio has been perfect for our own online presentations and to rent to clients for live streaming and pre-recorded content.

We are also providing sound engineers, camera operators and webcasting technicians who can help us as we continually expand.

Looking for help? Reach the team at sales@oneworldrental.