When’s the last time you went to an awards ceremony or dinner and truly remembered the acceptance speech of someone collecting a gong for doing their job well?

Unless it was an absolute corker of a speech or presentation, the chances are whatever happens on that stage will not, unless it’s a Gwyneth Paltrow-style emotional outpouring, will be quickly filed away into the harder to access part of your memory bank. 

So, it’s no surprise that many business events organisers put great store in searching out something entertaining that may not be central to the core business event itself but will provide a bit of light relief, distraction and, crucially, a ‘talking point’ for delegates to reflect on long after the curtain comes down. 

Thanks to the popularity of television shows like Britain’s Got Talent, there has been in recent years a major comeback  for traditional theatre hall-style entertainment, from magic acts to dance, improvisation, music, acrobatics and stunts, comedy and, yes, even animals. Backed by ever higher quality production values, diverse acts which might not qualify for what you might call ‘mainstream’ entertainment are now competing hard for fees in the business events market. And with the rise of the ‘experiential’ trend – which has seen business events repurposed to provide a more meaningful engagement with delegates –  that, too, has brought creativity and flair to proceedings.

EventIt – the national events show in Scotland – is looking to reward the growing events entertainment industry at its annual E Awards ceremony in June by providing acts with a bit of profile; hosted at the Assembly Rooms on June 13, the evening of celebration, recognition and achievement for events professionals in Scotland is calling on planners, organisers and managers alike to add a bit of extra flair to the night by nominating a stand-out act they have seen in the last 12 months which has really engaged audiences and truly left a mark on an event.

All you have to do is name your stand-out event entertainment act over the last 12 months and respond to EventIt’s LinkedIn or Twitter accounts; or reply to Claire@eventit.org.uk. We will then aim to showcase Scotland’s most talented event entertainment acts as part of a fantastic night of events fun at the E Awards.

E Awards returns for its third year with a summer party on Thursday 13 June 2019 at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh.

Pictured: Spark! the international light-show drummer repertoire