A new outdoor seating product with improved weather resistance to provide better protection for spectators has been launched at Glasgow 2018.

GL events has the ‘sleek new design’ for use at major sporting events with the structure building on the already ‘exceptional comfort and design developed by the brand’.

The new product now includes ‘stylish roofing and an overhang’ that protects spectators from the elements, be they rain or shine, said the company.

It was deployed for the first time this summer, during the Glasgow 2018 European Championship, and received ‘outstanding spectator feedback’.

The new design also underlines the increasing consumer trend within sporting events, with consumers looking for more premium quality and comfort.

“We’ve had a really great year within our seating division, the appetite for our premium products has continued to grow and the feedback has been exceptional,” comments Scott Jameson, GL events UK Group Managing Director. “The new roof design just increases this luxury with a covering that is as adept at keeping the rain out, as the sun off. It’s another sign that both event organisers and their spectators want the very best spectator experience, and this product serves that demand.”

GL events was the official overlay supporter and also sponsor to the European Championships 2018 in Glasgow, as part of a joint venture with Glasgow-based Field & Lawn. The new roof design was used in the rowing competitions at Strathclyde Country Park in August.