Marketing Edinburgh moved closer to collapse this week as the board of the organisation promoting the city to the world resigned with immediate effect

The move came after councillors rejected a funding plea to take forward a new strategy.

The council-owned company is set to lose all its funding as the authority tries to cut between £30m and £40m from its budget next year.

Last year, Marketing Edinburgh’s former chief executive John Donnelly agreed to a compromise of a £300,000 cut, dependent on becoming self-sustainable by April 2020.

Last week the organisation tabled new proposals which would have seen a change in emphasis from promoting tourism, to helping manage the industry.

In a letter, the outgoing chairman of Marketing Edinburgh Gordon Robertson said: “All non-executive directors, including the councillors and myself resign with immediate effect.

“This is the only plan the board feels would meet the needs of the city by involving all, providing a forum for tourism beyond the current and driving change.

“We therefore have no option but to step aside and allow you to proceed the council to appoint directors that share the council’s view and plan and immediately put in place what is needed to execute your plan.”