Initial findings from the EVENT RESEARCH PROGRAMME suggests events without masks and social distancing can be as safe as going to a restaurant or shopping centre.  

Pilot events, without masks or social distancing, have taken place across the UK and there have been no reported cases of surges in positive Covid tests 

The preliminary data states that with pre-event screening, improved ventilation and other mitigating factors the risk of virus transmission can be “significantly reduced”.  

Covid-status certification’ (a negative test or vaccination document) may be needed when events resume on 21st June 

government source told The Times 

“We are still waiting for the final bits of data, but the results so far have been very encouraging 

“It will help make the case that these large events are not inherently more risky than other parts of the hospitality sector. It shows that there are things that you can do to make these settings as safe as other daily activities. 

“It is true that they are not going to be 100% safe, but you can lower the risk to a reasonable level.” 

Michael Gove is leading the review for Covid-status certification, and it is expected to be presented to prime minister Boris Johnson in mid-June. 

Source: ConferenceNews