As MICE Professionals we need to embrace the amazing technologies that have recently entered the event space. The pandemic has catapulted us to a new place and we need to navigate our way around and establish the best options for our future events. We do not want to use technology for technology’s sake, it needs, like everything else in an event to be there for a purpose.

Join us on Friday 4 February at Exploring Event Tech Solutions to hear from some of the industry experts who met in-person at our EVENTIT trade show in Edinburgh last September as they discuss how to incorporate technology for maximum benefit, how they have honed in on some of the better options for their particular audiences and what additional benefits we may experience from an increased use of technology.

It will also provide you with an opportunity to meet with some of our suppliers who can assist you on your technical journey, regardless of whether you are just dipping your toe in the water for the first time or are an old hand looking to move to the next level.

The Meetings Show