Judges at Event Tech Live 2022’s lauded Launchpad Competition, aptly hosted in the Innovation Theatre, ranked Walls.io, First, AccessLOOP, Second, and Kickback Space, Third, – each company receiving a weight of invaluable marketing support and much more in recognition of their enterprise.

We’re proud of pretty much every element of the show this year,” ETL co-founder, Adam Parry, said after announcing the results, “but Launchpad is something very special. Fostering next gen tech, and the minds behind it, makes a real difference. And the competition was very, very hot again this year.”

With AccessLOOP reps in the chair and on the panel for ‘Diversity and inclusion, can we really deliver accessibility to all our events?’ there was a celebratory air to the first Main Stage session on Day Two of Event Tech Live too. The 2021 start-up collected no fewer than four Event Technology Awards the previous evening.

ExCeL is 100,000sq m of partitioned, flat floor event space, which lends itself very well to anyone with mobility issues, and with Catherine Grinyer from Attendable, DRPG’s Nick Fagan and David Padmore of ITV on stage too, the ETL team is keen to take any ‘eh?’ from accessibility.

In terms of tech solutions to that end, “It’s not always about using the fanciest toys, it’s about what’s right for a particular audience,” technical lead software developer at AccessLOOP, Dan Crowe’s words are hard to forget.

It was busy again in Hall N10 – ahead of the official numbers it looked like records were broken and it felt like few, if anybody, had ever had a better Event Tech Live experience.

That’s a product of the organisers’ endeavour, working with their extensive team of sponsors and supporters to shape the show, the move further east, and the sheer want for a return to ‘real live’.

Learning was everywhere of course, all the time, be it conversations on stands, in the coffee bars and meeting zones, or the imparts from apparently umpteen content platforms around the room’s perimeter.

Back on the Main Stage ‘The art of analysing data for better event experiences’ was just one of the million-dollar sessions on Day Two. Data, as discussed, the key to refinement and success.

Key takeaways here: it’s not just about the data you get it’s where you get it from – don’t forget, Afghanistan is the most populated country in the world because people can’t, or couldn’t, be bothered to scroll down events’ registration pages. So, make it worthwhile for your visitor filling in the form and explain their gains before they start.

There was a very good turnout for ‘Event tech procurement: potential pitfalls & strategies for success’, in the Tech Talks Theatre, despite its 1pm start time. Chaired by Joe Atkinson from Lineup Ninja, with contributions from Abi Cannons, product marketing manager for Grip, journalist and marketer Michelle Bruno, and Nick Westerman, who is senior event manager at NHS Confederation, it highlighted ‘popular’ risks. Like, only looking for tech when you need it not leaving enough time for the due diligence to find the right kit, and a whole lot of others. Crucially, there were solutions to every problem – and that’s got to be a perfect strapline for Event Tech Live.

Great to see the might of Bloomberg holding court on the Main Stage mid-afternoon too. Big brands want to be a part of this show as much as the start-ups and that’s a part of what makes Event Tech Live so special.

Moving house is famously stressful but if you have done your research properly, everyone benefits,” Adam Parry said as he brought Event Tech Live 2022 to a close in ExCeL’s Hall N10.

This show went far beyond our biggest expectations and I thank everybody involved – the ETL team, the suppliers, the sponsors, the exhibitors, the speakers and the audience. You were fantastic!”

Roll on Event Tech Live Las Vegas and Event Tech Live London 2023…