Dundee is already known for its pioneering role in the games industry – now there are plans for a 4,000-seat esports arena which is expected to create new opportunities in the city.

Esports – or electronic sports – is the term used to describe competitive video gaming.

James Hood is the chief executive and founder of Esports Scotland, which runs the country’s own league. He says gaming has been a great way for people to communicate and be together during the Covid pandemic.

Spokeswoman Emma Williamson says esports and gaming bring people together and can help overcome boundaries. The plans were “very, very exciting. We cannot wait for it to be completed” she says. “It looks phenomenal.”

Northern Lights Arena Europe have set their sights on Dundee with plans for a £60m “state-of-the-art” 4,000-seater gaming arena. Project manager Billy Watson says it will allow events to be broadcast across the globe.

There will also be collaborations with local education institutions to teach esports and gaming-related courses.

James Oliver, from Dundee and Angus College, is optimistic about the potential benefits and how the £60m “state-of-the-art” 4,000-seater gaming arena could look. He says: “It’s going to really show that this is an area that’s going to have massive potential for all kinds of different jobs and opportunities.”

Find further information about plans for the venue here.

Source: BBC