Edinburgh-based online ticketing and livestream events platform, Citizen Ticket, has recently taken on four new employees to join the development team following its funding round at the end of last year. 

Reporting in to Chief Technology Officer, Colin Palmer, the new additions to the team include:

  • Emilia Bromby: joins as a UX and UI designer with a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction Design 
  • Christian Paone: takes on a Quality Assurance role and has 15 years’ experience in similar roles for a variety of global organisations, from financial services to tech consulting 
  • Mark Williams: moves from an agency background in-house to a role as a Senior Full Stack Developer 
  • James Voong: previously worked at business intelligence specialists, Catalyst IT, will be joining the team as a PHP Specialist Developer 

Last year, it was recognised that productivity levels when working from home are just as high (if not higher) than in the office. This change in the working equilibrium shifted to a hybrid model with a focus on remote first, which opened up a much larger pool of candidates to choose from globally – rather than within it’s hubs of Edinburgh and London. The resulting team is more dynamic and culturally diverse, and this approach will continue in the future post-Covid. 

The business proved extremely agile during the pandemic when it adapted to the challenges experienced across the events industry as venues closed their doors. Integrating a livestream offering into the platform diversified the business and enabled Citizen Ticket to support performers and event organisers across the globe whilst venues remained closed. 

Harry Boisseau (Chief Executive, Citizen Ticket) commented: “The innovation from the team last year created new revenue opportunities and encouraged a review of the future direction of the business. Continuing to innovate post-Covid is very much part of the plan to stand out amongst competitors and add value to new and existing clients.” 


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