Association meetings are leading the way in their adoption of the values bought to life through Lime Venue Portfolio’s Meeting of the Future initiative. Increasingly, larger meetings are focusing on inclusion and legacy as they look to welcome broader audiences into their meetings, as well as provide positive community legacies after it.

There have already been multiple events, in this year alone, that have shown the way in creating inclusive meetings. These events have demonstrated how to cater for a more reserved delegation and allow content to be accessed in a variety of different mediums and rooms, from the main plenary theatre to more relaxed communal areas.

At the same time, Lime Venue Portfolio have been engaging the association market with more discussions on legacy as the market continues to advance its approach to the area. Recent discussions have included the need to engage more directly with local communities ahead of the meeting and to ensure that good will gestures don’t just reflect the values of the event, but the direct needs of the recipient.

Legacy also continues to be a subject of high interest within the association meeting community. Lime Venue Portfolio see it as the next evolution of its own sustainability work, not only embracing positive impacts outside the venue, but linking in with its own desire to address Scope Three emissions across its supply chain, and those of its portfolio venues.

The Meeting of the Future talks directly to Association meeting organisers and credits them as one of the more forward-thinking sectors of the industry,” comments Jo Austin, Sales Director, Lime Venue Portfolio. “Legacy has long been a part of the organisational content of their events, and they are looking to progress this alongside a wider sustainability approach.”

At the same time, they continue to show immense care for their delegations, how they treat them pre, during and post the event, while making their content accessible and the environments they consume it welcoming and warm,” concludes Jo.

Lime Venue Portfolio launched the Meeting of the Future initiative last month, a campaign which continues to evolve and bring contemporary thinking about how modern events are created within venues and destinations.