With Edinburgh being home to the Scottish Enlightenment, there is no better place to focus great minds than the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

The team at the EICC is passionate about hosting events that make a lasting and positive impact on the world – socially, culturally, economically and environmentally.

Every day, the venue hosts events which produce new knowledge that shapes the world around us – influencing science, business, education, medicine, finance and the arts.

Boasting the best facilities for the modern delegate, the inspiring backdrop has been utilised as a platform for the leading lights of our time – including former US President Barack Obama.

The EICC’s approach to events aligns with a global movement in the meetings industry towards valuing events according to the lasting legacy they provide. It supports the core principles within the Joint Meetings Industry Council’s ‘Iceberg Project’, which seeks to quantify the many ‘hidden’ effects of a conference, whose long-term benefits help sustain a never-ending virtuous circle: new events, new connections made, new knowledge generated.

The EICC is supported by a team of events professionals who understand the dynamics of events, and who design each event so that opportunities for delegates to network and be creative are maximised.

As Marshall Dallas, Chief Executive of the EICC, explains: “Our goal is for our clients to be inundated with praise following their events, and for delegates to leave knowing that they’ve just taken part in something significant. Encouraging ideas and creativity is central to everything that we do. We believe that creative ideas can only happen during face-to-face interactions. But by harnessing the power of technology we can design an environment which is conducive to the flow of creativity.”