WowGrass is real grass; it’s fresh, alive and soil-free. It can be laid indoors or outdoors, anywhere, and its use is limited purely by your imagination.

WowGrass adds the authenticity of REAL grass to any event. You can touch it and even smell the real grass. It really does add the WOW factor.

WowGrass is the alternative surface for events, weddings and parties. We love new and exciting projects and pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of service to our clients. Bringing ideas to life is our mission; we listen to your requirements and we are ready to work with you to create a memorable event.

WowGrass will stay looking great all day and will last right through to the evening until all your guests have left. You can walk on it, sit on it, and dance on it. Whatever you need WowGrass will stand up to the job. WowGrass can be installed the day before your event/ Wedding or even during the morning on the same day.

WowGrass is grown in recycled felt so is completely soil-free. This means we can roll it out with no fuss and no mess. No soil means no mud, so heels don’t sink in. We call it stiletto-proof! When you’re finished we can roll it up again too. A quick sweep round and you’ll never know we’ve been.

Along with the traditional grass floors that we are very well known for, we have introduced alternative products to our offering including Grass Bars, Sofas, Stools, Freestanding Letters and our NEW Real Grass Photo Walls. These can all be dressed with flowers, lighting, bunting etc. Give you event a REAL grass centrepiece.

The Event It show this year will feature our new stand artwork that features images of The Savoy, London transformed into an indoor garden, on a project By Bruce Russell.