WILD FIG Catering & Produce

Menus are at the very heart of our business, yet it is the standard of cooking that has our clients returning to us time and time again. Anyone can write a great menu, being able to deliver what is committed to paper is where we believe we stand out.

Established in 2011, WILD FIG brought the creative skills of Nicola Maule and chef Justin Maule together and when you book WILD FIG for your event or taste one of our products, you are tasting nearly 30 years of experience. Over recent years Justin’s talents have been increasingly recognised; through his regular booking as a food stylist for film and television, a presenter for Quality Meat Scotland, where he not only styled the shoot for other presenters but was also filmed cooking recipes through a series of short videos, working at Nick Nairn’s cook school as a chef tutor, through sell out Pop-Up dining events, as an Ambassador Chef for the Government supported organisation ‘Scotland Food and Drink’, through regular live TV appearances cooking on STV2, with his recipes being published in national press and the recently published Book ‘Glasgow and the West Coast Cookbook’, a weekly recipe column in the Scottish Daily Record ‘Saturday’ magazine and live cooking demonstrations at festivals up and down the country.

In 2015 WILD FIG moved into new markets with a growing range of award-winning preserves bringing the same high-quality product to retailers and dining tables of homes around the world.

From the ingredients used such as the wonderfully unique Glengoyne cask strength single malt scotch whisky, produced in a distillery that coaxes spirit through the slowest whisky stills in Scotland to the time and experience they invest in every jar. Please visit us on our stand to find out how we can help elevate your corporate gifting with our new luxury boxed and branded preserves.

“Nicola and Justin have become an important part of the Glengoyne team over the last few years. Done well, whisky and food matching can be every bit as good, if not better than food and wine. Justin does it well. Very well.
The quality of food that comes from the tiny, cramped kitchen at the distillery never ceases to amaze me. From relatively simple lunches to multi-course whisky pairing banquets, they always get it right.
Wild Fig offer a combination of high quality, consistency and reliability, which is why we are delighted to serve their food with our finest single malt whiskies on a regular basis at Glengoyne.”

Stuart Hendry – Brand Heritage and Commercial Manager | Glengoyne Distillery