Spelfie; hyper-targeted digital marketing, from space!

Space to Consumer Engagement Strategies

Spelfie (the space selfie) in partnership with AIRBUS, brings intergalactic fun to any event. It gives event attendees the ability to capture their memories – and the entire event – from space, using state of the art real-time satellite technology.

It is unique, exciting, experiential, and very, VERY shareable.

Spelfie creates a unique “check-in from space, creating a new and powerful way for brands to engage with their target audience, at your brand’s events.

We make influencer marketing campaigns simple by turning event attendees into a constellation of mini-influencers. Influencers are deemed as 290% more trustworthy than brands on social media, resulting in a 5-18x rise in ROI. Furthermore, Spelfie gives unrivalled opportunities for remarketing and retargeting, resulting in uncapped potential to generate income long after the event is over. 

Spelfie helps brands rise above the noise of social media and paid advertising.