Nook Event Pods

Nook Event Pods are a semi-private, brandable, mobile, sustainable meeting pod providing revenue generation opportunities for event organizers, mindful wellbeing for event-goers and an exhibition & meeting space for exhibitors.

Easy to install, they provide structure to a space, creating meeting zones quickly, adapting to last minute inevitable changes, activating empty booth space and otherwise challenging areas to monetise.

Designed originally to help people on the spectrum to better thrive in noisy environments, Nook Event Pods are powerful tools for putting people and connections at the heart of an event.

Nooks can be used to make a Meeting Zone, can act as a podcast booth, Meet-The-Expert kiosk, Exhibitor meeting pod, Interview Hut and even arranged to make a Food & Beverage Bar.

Hotels, Arenas, Conference Centres and Exhibit Halls can hire Nook Event Pods to offer as a great alternative for their clients without having to own, store or manage an inventory. 

Made in the UK and available nationwide, contact us now to try Nook Event Pods at your next event.