Firebird are the abstract specialists. We help PCOs manage the whole process from abstract submission and the call for papers, through to delegate registration and event apps.

Using Firebird’s submission portal to accept abstracts and papers is simple. With engaging dashboard designs and intuitive software, Firebird has increased participation levels across all events.

Firebird allows you to generate a stunning abstract book and build an interactive programme with tools that produce amazing results. Content uploaded into Firebird can be published through the programme and app. A simple point and click tool enables you to create new pages for your app, and even user updates feed through in real time with no additional input required!

Delegate registration now recognises the need for dynamic marketing and simplified processes. Where ROI is vital, Firebird helps increase revenue year on year. The software is easy for delegates to use and provides at-a-glance dashboards to monitor your sales.

With such intelligence, flexibility and thoughtful design, you can expect to see an impact in every area of the conference. With Firebird, administrators work more efficiently than ever before, leaving extra time to run the event. As participation increases, quality improves – including submission standards, leading to an unrivalled user experience.

In a recent case study, Firebird was responsible for a 40% increase in submissions, and revenue was boosted by 45%, guaranteeing the event came back (even stronger) next year! The true value of Firebird is not just the impressive numbers, but solving the issues other providers can’t.

The software is built by a team of experienced developers and conference industry experts. Firebird are credited with increasing the quality of the content, growing event participation levels, and having very flexible and easy-to-use software.