Catalyst Event Production Services Ltd

Offering unique solutions across all aspects of event design and production.

Our vision to deliver outstanding, dynamic and exhilarating events makes us one of the UK’s leading event production companies who can offer unique solutions across all aspects of event design and production. Our dedicated team work seamlessly to design, produce and deliver exceptional events using the latest technology and innovative solutions. Our skilled staff collaborate with clients to bring their visions and ideas to life.

Our 12,000 sq ft scenic workshop based in Edinburgh expands our in house services for clients, including custom-built exhibitions, scenic joinery and bespoke carpentry.

The latest addition to our portfolio is our CONNECT studio. This amazing studio provides a safe environment to either live stream or pre-record your event.  The space is completely versatile and boasts the UK’s highest definition 1.9mm LED Screen. With a 50sqm stage, multi camera set up and state of the art audio and lighting it is absolutely ideal for this new virtual/hybrid world we now live in.

To go hand in hand with the studio we also now offer our own event platform that allows us to support the virtual/hybrid style of events. It provides the ability to manage the full event cycle from registration through to the live event date and onwards to analytics. The features within the platform allow delegates to chat in the meeting hub, attend networking events, breakout sessions, join discussion forums, opportunities for live Q&A and polls with speakers.

During this hiatus we have not stopped supporting you!