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Our company was formed in 2001 by James & Suzie England. It was a labour of love brought on as part of a broad farm-diversification plan. Since then, BlueSky has continued to develop and grow. We have taken on new knowledgeable members of staff, expanded into new areas of business and continually developing our product offerings as we strive to be one of the UK’s best experience companies.

About BlueSky Experiences: Our Purpose

At BlueSky Experiences, our vision and purpose is to be the partner of choice delivering inspiring, rewarding and transforming experiences.

Our approach is demonstrated by our values to be Caring, Passionate and Reliable. These help us breathe the life and zest in to all that we do.

Caring in all our interactions and sensitive to the needs of others. We embrace a feedback culture, communicating honestly and making time to handle issues in a respectful and caring manner.

Passionate in our approach to creating, planning and delivery of our experiences. BlueSky’s passion and enthusiasm to deliver excellence shines through in all that we do.

Reliable and consistent with our clients and each other. We nurture this requirement by being dependable and trusting each other to keep our promises. Our team make strong working relationships with each other and our clients. Because it is personal for us!

Learning continues to change and evolve. We pride ourselves on reacting quickly to customer demands and developing our own skills to meet your personal and organisational needs.

BlueSky recognise the importance of being a business partner and aligning your learning to business objectives. The team are always looking at innovative ways of delivering impactful interventions.

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