ExpoPlatform is a leading event tech software provider. Specialising in AI-driven websites and intelligent matchmaking tools, our team uses data-driven insights to provide tech that helps organisers boost ROI for exhibitors and create the best visitor experience at their events.

An official tech supplier for EventIt 2019, ExpopPatform is known by its clients for its in-depth knowledge of the events industry, understanding pain-points for organisers and delivering solutions via their all-in-one platform.

“I know almost every technology provider on the market and I think that ExpoPlatform provides something unique. We wanted to deliver better networking options to our clients and with EP matchmaking and appointments we managed to increase visitor engagement before the event.” Says Adam Parry, Director, Event Tech Live

Tanya Pinchuk, CEO, Expoplatform says: “We are delighted to be an official event tech supplier for EventIt. The show is a fantastic opportunity to meet for the Scottish events community and be part of the growing industry in the UK.”