Maximising User Experience and Revenues
With Evessio you can track every users progress through the system from initial registration, to completing purchases and tasks to ensure a great user experience and to maximise attendance and revenues. With Evessio you are able to really understand your users and build customer profiles, stay on top of everyone’s tasks and activities and monitor habits which enables you to improve your relationship with your customers and users over successive events and years. With companywide single sign-on means your customers only have one password for all your events. We recognise that one customer could be a speaker or judge in one event, an exhibitor in another and finally a delegate in a third event. Evessio automatically understands what relationship that each delegate has across your event portfolio and will present the correct information, functionality and great experience relevant to them and their involvement in each specific event.

Clear visibility on your financial position is key, it’s easy to track and manage all revenue generating interactions in Evessio with detailed revenue summaries for each event with full transaction history and status which gives you total control for each and all of your events.

Customised Reporting & Analytics

Detailed reporting and analysis are a big part of Evessio, you choose what information you want, how you want it, who you want it to go to and when. In Evessio you can search and view or export to.  Features include: scheduled automated exports with configurable settings, run transaction, nominations, bookings, attendee registrations, web forms reports etc. 

What we do for our customers

Evessio takes the pain away of managing systems allowing you to focus on what you are best at, as such we provide our customers with:

  • Frontend websites that can be set up by an Evessio web designer  
  • Service and Support. Evessio employs in house Technical Account Managers (TAM’s) who are aligned to individual customers with the focus to provide exceptional service. TAM’s are customer facing and technically capable, your TAM will be known to you, think of them like an extension to your team and provide any training or support no matter how big or small your query.
  • Evessio Licenses with all the features and functionality required for each event type
  • Personal tailored training for your teams, you will learn how to manage, maintain and make amendments including, the duplication or publication of the following events