Blachere Illumination UK

Our Manifesto

We think that illuminations bring light to much more than urban areas and living spaces:

We believe in their power to amaze, enlighten and tell beautiful stories. The way we create and innovate takes into account each expectation and every little detail. We are committed to product quality and to protecting the environment and humanity. Goodwill and an ethical approach are at the heart of our culture and can be found in all our projects worldwide.

We are Blachere and we have been producing illuminations for 45 years with care and passion.

About Blachere

Based in Ladybank in Fife our clients in Scotland include; St Andrews Town Centre, Glasgow City Council, Gleneagles Hotel, Celtic Football Club, Local Authorities, Community Councils, Scotland’s Improvement Districts, Tourist Attractions, Shopping Centres and Hotels.

Blachere also offer a full in-house installation/removal & storage services and possess all the various permits and licenses required to work on all varieties of buildings.