Scotland is positioning itself as a global destination for the hosting of renewables industry meetings and conferences.

VisitScotland – the national tourism agency – hosted an event in Perth to pitch the country as a natural fit for the international renewables industry.

Through its series of countrywide INNOVATETHENATION engagement events, the agency put on the latest ‘INNOVATERENEWABLES’ edition at Perth Concert Hall on May 31.

It was an opportunity for thought leaders in the sector to come together and discuss the potential of attracting more renewables MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions) to the country.

Rory Archibald, Associations & Sectors, VisitScotland Business Events said: “During this event, it was important to showcase how communities in Scotland can support the country’s legacy as global leader in renewable energy innovation and production. By working together, we can keep Scotland on the map and attract further investment in this thriving sector through business events.”

Scotland already hosts some of the largest renewables sector meetings in Europe including the All Energy Conference at the SEC in Glasgow last month.

In March, government figures showed Scotland has become a world leader in sourcing its electricity from renewables, after a record year in 2017 for creating eco-friendly energy.

The nation got more than two-thirds – 68.1 per cent – of its electricity from green schemes last year – an increase of 26 per cent on the year before, with wind generation up by 34 per cent and hydro by 9 per cent.

There are over 58,000 jobs in the low carbon and renewable energy sectors and the government has set an ambitious target to generate the equivalent of 100 per cent of its gross annual electricity consumption and 11 per cent of domestic heat consumption using renewable energy sources by 2020.

At the event, participants had the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with leading industry experts and academics on how businesses and communities across Scotland can benefit from using renewable energy. The session aimed to help guests understand how to leverage the opportunity for Scotland to lead the sector and the necessary steps that the energy industry and consumers need to take to avoid climate change’s worst effects.

Speaking at the event was Claire Mack, Chief Executive, Scottish Renewables who is responsible for leading the organisation’s work to grow Scotland’s renewables sector, and Dr Darren McCauley, Senior Lecturer in Energy Policy and Director of the Arctic Research Centre at the University of St Andrews.

McCauley discussed the university’s sustainable development progress across its operations as its works towards becoming carbon neutral for energy production. The university has committed £4.4million to energy efficiency measures across the campus, with another £5.1million to be invested over the next 18 months, making it the largest and most successful project in the UK higher education sector.

Claire Mack said: “Scotland is already leading the way in renewable energy, but we can do so much more. Capturing sustainable energy from our winds, rainfall, longer daylight hours and more, is already creating economic and environmental benefit across the country. Our industry is growing fast, and with ambitious climate change targets in place renewables really will power an increasingly large portion of Scotland’s future. TheINNOVATERENEWABLES event helps to showcase all of the fantastic work and progress Scotland is making to become a world leader in renewable energy. Events like this attract the best people and significant investments to the sector.”

Organised by VisitScotland Business Events, INNOVATETHENATION is a themed topical series of free public talks held throughout Scotland, bringing together experts who discuss Scotland’s areas of excellence and innovation.

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