Red Box Tickets is a unique ticket sales company providing ticketing services to shows, events and exhibitions. What makes Red Box different is that all of its services from on-line ticket sales, telephone sales and marketing to the on-site box office are fully branded to your event.

With Red Box you are choosing a partner that will work with you to provide the very best ticketing service and technology to increase ticket sales, yield and improve the customer’s experience. Red Box believes the event is yours which is why it’s your brand on the web pages. Red Box believes that the money for the tickets is yours which is why all ticket revenue is banked daily directly to your account. Red Box also believes that the customer is 100% yours which is why it will never market to them any other events or ask them to join a Red Box mailing list.

Annual sales for the GWCT Scottish Game fair have increased year on year since it started using Red Box as its ticketing platform. This has been achieved by providing a state-of-the art purchase facility including an extensive range of ticket packages with combined entry to the Fair and Scone Palace. The Red Box Integration with Social Media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is unparalleled.  Event organisers can offer incentives such as competitions or giveaways to encourage customers to share that they are attending the event to their friends. One thousand shares equates to an audience reach of 180,000 potential new customers.

Red Box also provides a custom CRM facility to identify and isolate the four main audience types; core (attend every or most years), intermittent (attend the event occasionally), new for that year and lapsed. It is the last category that Red Box has been able to generate truly remarkable customer re-engagement by using its integration with professional mailing houses. In 2018, Red Box spearheaded a marketing campaign to lapsed customers for the GWCT Scottish Game Fair which returned 1,632% on its investment. That is not a typo, an ROI of over one thousand six hundred percent.

It’s the range of services that Red Box clients can choose from that makes it so popular. The web sites are optimised for use on mobile phones, tablets and desk tops; customers can choose from a range of delivery options including eTicket, mobile download and printed tickets. Red Box also supplies a UK based call centre and 0345 customer service line all as standard. Red Box also provides a wide range of on-site staff from hospitality reception, box office, customer service, cash management, accounting and gate scanning staff.

Sell more tickets for your event by joining us inside The Red Box, visit for more information or email for a personal service.