After 10 years in development a new suite of delegate registration software tools has been launched on the market to help event managers around the world.

DelegateManager™ and supporting app DelegateManager™ Check-In is aimed at events of all sizes and is designed to manage delegate information, from attendance status to dietary requirements, while increasing accessibility and accuracy of data for both event managers and users.

Designed by Edinburgh event and digital production company 20/20 Productions, the software was originally developed for in-house use but the company spotted a niche in the market so have made it available for all-comers.

Graham Stewart, Head of Digital and Emerging Technologies at 20/20 Productions, explains: “DelegateManager™ Check-In can be used across multiple devices, even in areas of limited or no Wi-Fi. It reduces the need for paper and speeds up delegate check-in through powerful search and customisable filters making it a much-needed tool for many event managers. By allowing event managers to get real-time access to attendance levels and other important data it can greatly assist when running any size of event.”

Speaking about the new DelegateManager™ Check-In app, Jennifer Black from Standard Life Investments added: “My event check-in team got over 350 delegates registered in a much quicker and slicker process thanks to the Delegate Manager™ App. The ability to get a snapshot of current attendee numbers was really valuable and the check-in team picked up functionality of the App in minutes. It’s very intuitive.

She said: “As one of the first to pilot the new App, I felt comfortable knowing that the 20/20 Productions team was confident in their product and they took me through the process face to face ahead of my event. They also came along to support me on the day which I thought was great service”.