As the voice of the outdoor events industry, the National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) is the UK’s largest trade body representing the outdoor events and festivals sector.

The organisation represents its members’ interests on everything from the outdoor event ‘bible’ – the purple guide – to police charging, local authority planning and event security. NOEA Scotland adds specific market knowledge for events north of the Border – a process which although similar has some important differences in terms of legislation.

The body advises members not only on compliance issues relating to Scotland but also offers a supportive community of fellow event professionals trying to go about their jobs in an often fast-changing environment.

NOEA Scotland took part in the inaugural EventIt in 2016, for Year Two in 2017 and looks forward to participation in the event once again on March 22. Tom Clements, Chairman of NOEA Scotland, said: “There are some big topics on the horizon for events organisers, including changes to data protection but also the thorny issues of police charging and TTROs continue to dominate the landscape.

“EventIt is a very useful meeting place for events professionals within and outwith Scotland who gather to discuss how we meet the challenges the industry throws up together.”

Tom himself has been Director of Specialized Security for nearly 30 years and holds a degree in event safety management. As part of the Health and Safety Executive’s working party Tom was responsible for the revision and implementation of the Industry essential ‘Purple Guide’, ‘Green Guide’ and other Event Safety Guides widely used today. He added: “As an organisation, there is nothing to rival NOEA for all events professionals who are seeking to navigate health and safety guidelines and compliance across the board.

“There are some big international events coming up in Scotland – this year with Glasgow 2018 and also the Solheim Cup in 2019, so it’s important events professionals continue to develop close relationships with the services upon which we all rely to deliver healthy, wealthy and sustainable events for all to enjoy.”