A meetings industry survey has revealed only one in five events professionals feel that the data captured at live events is being effectively harnessed as part of an integrated approach.

Cvent, the event tech giant, has published the results of research it carried out in July and August in association with Event Marketer, which points towards a disconnect between how data is gathered and how it then goes on to be used.

The study, entitled The Power of Live Event Data,  provides insight into how event professionals leverage technology to capture and analyse data and enhance the attendee experience.

The study revealed that 81% of event professionals say gathering data from attendees’ digital and physical footprints at live events is extremely important so event planners can track the attendee journey to create better events and realise their full ROI – but only 20% feel their organisations are effective at this integration process.

“It is essential that event planners and marketers have access to the proper tools and technology to gather and harness event data in a way that provides actionable insights,” said Patrick Smith, Cvent’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“Having a better understanding of event audiences – and their interests and preferences – enables event producers to develop a more compelling programme, produce a better experience, drive more attendance, and ultimately deliver a greater event ROI.”

Highlights of the survey include:

  • Three out of four event professionals feel their organisation is missing out on marketing opportunities by not integrating a wider range of attendee data to build out and use attendee profiles. These profiles track the attendee journey and give planners and marketers additional insight into their customers and prospects.
  • Event professionals feel they need to be more effective at collecting and using attendee data. Only 29% of event professionals say their organisations are effective at collecting data, and just 23% say they are effective at using their event data.
  • Most event professionals can do better at tracking and understanding what their attendees do while at their events. Only 38% of event professionals say they understand what their attendees do on-site.
  • Event Attendee Survey InsightsOn-site technologies provide a better experience for attendees. 88% of attendees agree on-site technologies, such as self-service registration kiosks, improve their event experience.

The survey was carried out among 600 leading event producers, meeting planners, and corporate event marketers, as well as event attendees.