By Hannah Wright

Glasgow Science Centre exhibited at the EventIt annual showcase on March 22 for the business events, meetings, incentives, and hospitality and festivals industries in Scotland. We had the chance to network with over 1,500 industry professionals as well as 120 exhibitors.

The Scottish events industry trade show, at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC), began at 8.45am and by 9.30am we already had a morning rush where most of our chocolate truffle giveaways were being devoured by passers-by. These truffles are also used as petit fours at our Glasgow Science Centre dinners so it was nice to receive some positive feedback on how tasty they were.

As if our optical illusion stand and bright coloured pictures didn’t impress our visitors enough, they couldn’t believe their eyes when they opened the boxes of glass crisps. The delicious taste of salt and vinegar definitely caused a lot of interest. In fact, we actually had one of our clients ask if they could get these made up for their corporate away day. By 12noon we already had over 30 business cards and had spoken to many key players.

C13 was our stand and the theme of our entire set-up. Our hard-working food and beverage team were regaled in our Glasgow Science Centre lab coats with C13 on the back so visitors would know which stand to visit. They were also handing out test tubes labelled C13 which contained gin-infused sherbet. Despite us thinking the glass Crips would be the highlight I reckon the gin did the trick! It was a bonus that they could take these home as a gift instead of having to drink them at the stand. The feedback we received from this was overwhelming and again we were asked if we could provide this in bulk for external events.

In addition to this we also had our Golden Comet cocktails and our Little Green Man which contained crème-de menth and crème de cacao which apparently tasted like After Eight mints. Although we had to have a non-alcoholic option, the Drivers Punch wasn’t as popular, probably due to the other exciting giveaways we already had. Our new Corporate Events brochure, our Question of Science and Christmas postcards went down well with visitors trying the scratch and sniff inside the brochure and complimenting on how bright and exciting they all looked.

As well as being on the stand, it was nice to take a break and wander round the other exhibitors to see what they were doing. There were a few educational shows worth going to with topics including technology, connectivity, festivals and educating the future. One in particular which was worth attending was the panel discussion on GDPR. There were also a few campfire sessions where you could have one to one chats with suppliers and event agents.

If you are involved in meetings, events, festivals, outdoor events, team-building, product launches then I would definitely suggest going to EventIt. We made some amazing contacts and received some positive enquiries and some even for the festive period. The day itself was very inspirational with lots of educative, networking and learning opportunities.

Hannah Wright is Sales Manager at Glasgow Science Centre

The Glasgow Science Centre was rated ‘Best Stand’ at #EventIt18