Beverley Bryant, storyteller, and Heather Yule, harp player and storyteller, are two of Scotland’s most skilled professional storytellers.  Together, they perform as ‘Glamourie’, a guid Scots word meaning to cast a spell or enchantment.  Using both story and music, Beverley and Heather delight in weaving together tales about the places, the people, and the mysterious creatures of Scotland, bringing myth and history to life.  They believe passionately that the oral tradition provides not only superlative entertainment but also an emotional and cultural literacy that speaks to the wellbeing of people in all walks of life.

They make regular appearances at such events as Tradfest, the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, and the Edinburgh International Harp Festival.  Beside festivals they have experience performing in many situations, including corporate entertainment and tourism, and in front of audiences of all ages.  They are both expert workshop leaders and mentors, and are convinced of the importance of sharing stories and helping others to feel empowered to tell their own stories.

Each of Glamourie’s performances is tailor made to suit the audience, from the duration of an event to its content. Visit Glamourie’s online EventsBase profile to see Beverley and Heather in action. Or contact Beverley to discuss a bespoke programme to suit your event and begin your company’s own storytelling journey.