As you prepare yourself for the Christmas party season it’s worth considering what will be the next big thing in events for 2019.

With the advent of sophisticated new technologies – from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain and VR/AR – next year is set to bring fresh challenges to event planners wanting to stay on top of their game.

In a globally competitive market, Scotland performs well as a significant player; Glasgow and Edinburgh – outside London – are consistenty in the top quintile for MICE business in the UK.

But to stay ahead in the ‘global race’, planners will need to embrace new systems and technologies which offer delegates a 21st century customer experience.

What’s Trending in Events is the latest offering from the EventIt team and responds to growing demand from event planners for training and learning forums for Scottish #eventprofs.

Taking place at Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth on December 12, here are our top five reasons for attending an event that will equip you with all the latest industry research for the year ahead:


We’ve said that and we’ll say it again, but can you afford not to know about the latest delegate registration systems, VR/AR immersive techniques and gamification? And that’s not to mention ‘safe by design’ CRM systems, built on peer-to-peer blockchain technology.


Audiences tastes are changing fast and so is the way event planners cater for them. Staid conferences in airless, windowless rooms are being replaced by exciting and dynamic ‘festivalised’ concepts for the modern delegate. If you adapt to these trends, and offer unforgettable ‘experiences’ to the upcoming Millennials generation you will reap the rewards in 2019.


This is a far-reaching but necessary topic for discussion. When people think of ‘health’ at an event, they usually think of ‘health and safety’ and focus on a venue’s emergency protocols. In 2019, the health of delegates will take on a far deeper meaning, with planners expected to provide better experiences which enrich a delegate’s mental health and wellbeing as well as tell them where the fire escapes are.


Hyper attention to detail when it comes to the customer journey is one thing that will set the best events organisers apart from the rest in 2019. Luckily we have the the expert who proverbially ‘trains the trainers’ and is the No.1 Best-seller of published MICE literature, reports, and research at What’s Trending. Come and hear from Rob Davidson, Director of MICE Knowledge on how to engage your audience.


Did you know that after a trade show, the carpets that are used for a single day are simply ripped up and carted off to landfill? Or that the average delegate produces 28kg of waste at a three-day conference, compared to just 6kg if they stayed at home? There are serious challenges events organisers must face in 2019 if they are to win business from clients who are starting to demand change.


1. Kim Myhre, Managing Director, MCI Experience
2 – Linda Pereira, Executive Director, CPL Meetings & Events, Lisbon
3 – Rob Davidson, Managing Director, MICE Knowledge

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