10 key points from the Business Events Leaders’ Summit, hosted at Glasgow’s SEC on Wednesday, March 21


  1. Develop an effective and credible methodology to measure the true value of business events
  2. Communicate the benefits of hosting business events across government, industry and key business sectors
  3. Maximise the delegate experience, by encouraging business events visitors to extend their stay
  4. Develop a ‘higher order’ strategy to put business events in the minds of policy-makers across government
  5. Promote business events as being more than just the immediate ‘dollar value’ associated with tourism
  6. Take risks, be daring and try and create our own events rather than always bid for existing ones on the circuit
  7. Integrate cultural and educational elements to ‘festivalise’ business events and create lasting communities who want to return
  8. Maximise outcomes through careful consideration of meeting design and technological interaction
  9. Ensure business events are iterative and continue evolving with audience preferences and demand
  10. Develop closer working relationships using business events to support shared goals between public and private sectors